Our team at the Colorbleed studio is ready to help you with any inquiries during work hours (GMT+1). You can contact us about project possibilities, press-related questions or just to check whether we’re the right one for the project you have in mind.

We try to read and reply to all serious e-mails. Though because of the amount of inquiries we receive e-mail can take up to 48 hours before we reply. If you want to approach us more directly and/or are in a hurry feel free to give us a call.

Colorbleed HQ

If you want to reach out to anyone at our studio in particular just start the e-mail with his or her name and we’ll make sure it’ll be read and handled by that specific person.

Send us an e-mail, give us a call…


+31 (0)30 30 31 386



Maliesingel 24A
3581 BG Utrecht
The Netherlands

…or drop us a line in a hurry

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Coffee at Colorbleed

Still not sure about what we could do for you? Or you just want to get to know the team a little bit better?
There’s no better way than drinking some coffee (or alcoholic beverage) together to really get acquainted with each other.
And if you’re really special we might also hook you up with some delicious chocolate.

Sign up for your instant (coffee) meeting through the contact form above.

Jobs/Internships at Colorbleed

We’re¬†always on the look-out for creative talent. At the moment we have several open positions which you can check out at our careers page.

Even without a relevant open position to you it can be interesting to send us an e-mail with your resume, portfolio and a brief overview of what you could do for us. We might invite you over for a little chat and add you to our list of freelancers (or possibly future hires.)