Colorbleed is the creative ally that settles for no less than leaving a mark. As a global 3D animation studio we bring narratives to life – on steroids. We are animators and storytellers, designing engaging characters and producing memorable stories that evoke emotion.

Creative Collaboration

Our main focus is to create artwork that inspires the client, our own team and the goal audience.

By starting with new original ideas we try to be innovative with our creativity. Creating something new from the ground up each time to get your brand where you want it to be.

Concept to Delivery

With our collaborative client workflow we are able to get that idea that is in your head into a nicely designed animation.

You don’t even need a thorough idea laid out. Based on your ideas about the brand you’re trying to market we can help you design the perfect animation.

Refresh your brand

Sometimes you’re going for “Out with the old, in with the new.” Or you might just be looking for a new angle on your current marketing.

Sounds like you’re looking for a new perspective! Why not have that new look at your product developed together with an animation company? – Get in touch!

Who is Colorbleed?

Colorbleed is your one stop shop to turn your idea straight into animated imagery.

The Colorbleed studio runs on the collaborative power of two directors:

  • Tom Hankins

  • Roy Nieterau

For each project we’ll sit down and decide who’s the best director fit for the film. And sometimes you even get the full power of directors for the price of one, because we always work closely together; this keeps us sharp!

Each director has their own specialty within the field of computer animation, thus everyone of us will always be closely related to an aspect of your film. Together we will make sure that whatever we produce will result in compelling and memorable advertising/entertainment.

What does Colorbleed do?

Here’s a grasp of what we can do for you:

For more information about our work have a look at our Projects or Showreel page.


“Animation is collaboration.”

By listening, delivering and discussing with our clients we feel that we’re able to bond and really create each animation as a collaborative piece of art. We are committed to delivering high-end visual products on time and make sure both the wishes of the clients and our own guiding art direction are upheld.